Selina Tested Episode 16(who is your favorite?)

In this video, we shall be discussing who play the most important role in selina tested. If you do watch Selina Tested, you will found out that, the firm centralized on bad gangs and street life.

Selina Tested display the life of cutt gangs and street life. Which all what they know, is to fight each other amongst the co-cutt gangs.

watch the video below!

The most powerful gangs rule the village or community. As it was display in selina tested. Let us not deviate from our topic of discussion.

We will be looking at who is best actor in selina tested? My best actor, must not be your best actor. So after my analysis, you can make your comment and tell us your best actor.

All the actors/actress in selina tested acted very well. Absolute superb. But you know everybody must have his best.

Aboy and chiboy play the most important role in selina tested. Also odoghu and Amoral.

In fact, all the actors and actress, try their best on role that is assign to them.

Among all those who acted in selina tested, Chiboy is the best for me. But aboy is my favorite.

You must be wondering, how I arrived at this conclusion.

Well, I like how Chiboy acted his scene. Very bold and confidence.
I love Aboy because of his gentleness and calmness.
I like belema smartness.

I think I could say many on all the actors and actress. But for me, I hate tallest role. I don't like his scene.

I don't want to see him self. This is my personal opinion or analysis. You can do your own too.
Answer this question.

Who is your best actor or favorite actor?

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