Sunday Igboho Ran away from Nupe Superior Spiritual powers

By Ndagi Abdullahi Amana Nupe

The day before I arrived Tsaragi on Friday 9th of April 2021, the Yoruba youth of Share attacked the Tsaragi suburb of Kange but they were repelled by spiritually-fortified Nupe warriors who inflicted heavy casualties on the Yoruba youth.

The crisis would have degenerated into a full-scale battle with the complete defeat of the Yorubas and the final sacking of Share by the indomitable Nupe spiritually-fortified warriors had the Nupe elders not ordered the Nupe warriors to stop.

Out of respect for our elders, most especially for our father His Royal Highness the Etsu Tsaragi, the Nupe warriors stopped further action.

The Yoruba elders of Share have cautioned their youth not to attack the Nupe village of Kange, but because some Yoruba youth don’t respect their elders the Yoruba youth went ahead to attack Kange where they met their waterloo in the hands of the spiritually-fortified Nupe warriors.

Both the Former Governor Ahmed Abdul Fatai and the Olukpako chief of the Yoruba of Share were very angry with the Yoruba youth whom they had warned not to incite any crisis against the Nupes. The duo then begged the Nupe elders for peace to reign between the Nupes and the Yorubas. But two days after I left Share on Monday 12th, unverified reports had it that the humiliated Yoruba youth of Share were alleged to have gone to Sunday Igboho in Lagos or Ibadan and lied to him that Share is under siege by Fulani herdsmen.

Allegedly, the moment Sunday Igboho realized that he will be facing Nupe spiritually-fortified warriors at Tsaragi and not Fulani herdsmen he shouted that he will not come and be killed like a fowl at Tsaragi.

Sunday Igboho ran away from the superior spiritual power of KinNupe!

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