Spiderman or Lizardman


By: Ndagi Abdullahi

The creators of the Spiderman – Stan Lee and Steve Ditko – may not have been the innocent people we think they are today. A careful look at the picture of Spiderman and an Agama lizard will readily show that the Spiderman was originally supposed to be the ‘Lizardman’. What forced Stan Lee and Steve Ditko to later name him as Spiderman may best be known to them. But what is obvious here is that Sten Lee and Steve Ditko knew the occult and satanic powers of the lizard people or the reptilian races of ancient humanity. Stan and Steve are obviously being economical with the truth.

Once upon a time the world was dominated by a race of humanoid lizards who were far more advanced spiritually, metaphysically and biologically than human beings or the Homo sapiens. So great and advanced were these lizard people that they enslaved the Homo sapiens and were actually worshipped by the Homo sapiens as the ‘gods’.

The Lizard people were known as the Sara-El or, as we write it today, Israel. Sara El was actually the name of the god or Guardian Angel of the Sara people. The Sara people were Homo sapiens but the god or Guardian Angel they worshiped was the one called the 'Sara El'. Of course 'Sara El' means 'The El of Sara' or 'The God of Sara'.

That is the true origin of the national name 'Israel' that we still see today.

To this very day occultists – best illustrated by the Freemasons and the Illuminati – worship the lizard gods in order to acquire extraordinary spiritual and otherwise powers from these lizard beings that are now living a subtle, that is hidden, life in this very three-dimensional world with us.

A Lizardman for the comic strips would have been a perfect representation of the reptilian gods of the past. The lizard gods with the superhuman powers exhibited by the Spiderman. But, and maybe, the Freemasons stopped Stan Lee and Steve Ditko from portraying them directly as a Lizardman superhero in the Marvel series.

As we can see in the pictures below the ‘Spiderman’

was originally supposed to be the ‘Lizardman’!

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