Easy Pad Movement

Easy Pad Movement is a movement that was founded by Hauwa Abdulraheem, after making a post about pad poverty out of concern. This gave a hint to many and touched the hearts of her readers and thus, pushing her to start this movement.

Sooner, the founder decided to go to houses and interview the less privileged girls she thinks cannot afford pad in her area. It was during the first day of the interview that she realized there's more to sharing pads to these girls. That's when the movement took a new course. Below are some of the things discovered;

1. It was discovered that the stigma around menstruation is still very high.
2. Most of these girls have little or no knowledge on menstrual hygiene.
3. Most of these girls see menstruation as a shame.
4. Many of them use awful things during period.
5. Many of them have never use pad before.
6. Almost all of them cannot discuss period with their own mothers.

Easy Pad Movement took a broader course and the purpose of the movement expanded. What are the aims of Easy Pad Movement?

1. The first aim of Easy Pad Movement is to give a particular number of girls pads for months instead of once.

2. To create awareness about menstruation and menstrual hygiene.

3. To teach these girls how to use the pad given to them.

4. To give at least 50 girls pad in all or many states of the country for at least 5months.

The movement is funded by public donations and the first distribution of pad happened on Saturday, 24th of April in which 32 girls were given two packs of pads each. This distribution happened in Zaria.

Two health workers graced the program including the Founder of sarauniya Girl Child foundation.

They discussed generally about menstruation and menstrual hygiene. Also, there was a demonstration on how to wear pad.

It was an open discussion where the girls got to ask questions. After the discussion, pads were distributed to the 32girls.

By the end of the program, the girls were comfortable ask questions. Some of them were shy because it was probably the first time they're discussing menstruation with them publicly.

To many of these girls, pad is a dream.

Many of them stay back home during menstruation because they would rather miss classes than go to school and get stained. The health workers explained at length how these girls can go about their days. They discussed the health issues when poor menstrual hygiene is practiced.

Easy Pad Movement is seeking for public contributions to achieve it's goal. We can't help all girl child, but we can help many.

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