Appoint A Nupe Auditor General!

By Ndagi Abdullahi Amana Nupe After the retirement of the former Auditor General of Niger State, Alhaji Ndawuya Nmadu Muhammed, November last year 2020 the Niger State Civil Service Commission began to look for a new one.

15 candidates applied and 13 were interviewed but only 3 became successful with the following scores:

Alhaji Lafene Aliyu Danlami came first with 549 Alhaji Abdullahi Garba Abubakar came second with 487 Alhaji Ahmed Yusuf came third with 434.5.

Government House Minna would have picked the name of the man from Zone A Alhaji Lafene Aliyu Danlami who came first with the highest score of 549…


… your people, our co-tenants, went and ensured that it was the name of the man from Zone C Alhaji Ahmed Yusuf who came third with the lowest score of 434.5 that was submitted to the Niger State House of Assembly for confirmation.

They have vowed that they will not allow a Nupe man from Zone A to become the next Auditor General of Niger State.

This is just one out of several other such cases that are now commonly taking places in Niger State.

Just recently the Dokaji Nupe Alhaji Kpako Saidu Fabulous was wrongly replaced by a candidate from Zone C even though the Dokaji Nupe came first in the interview for the Registrar of ZUCAS.

This daylight robbery of the routine replacement of Nupe public servants with the people of Zone C is ongoing under broad daylight yet instead of protesting, our inferiority complexed Nupe people are still out there proudly speaking high-sounding Hausa as if Nupe is not a better language.

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