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What people may call loyal followership, I call it blind followership. Significant percentage of Northerners follow their rulers blindly, they question not their rulers nor do they speak when wrong is melted on them. The few that speak are always tagged enemies of state. The question is, who is the real enemy?

The Northern region is no doubt the largest region in the Nation but to what positive benefit is that to the people of the region? If not high rate of poverty, illiteracy, child labour, misrepresentation by the leaders just to mention but few.

The enemies of the region are indeed the people of the region. How can we have "leaders" occupying high and powerful positions in government yet the worst scenarios happen in the region. Northern Leaders with exception of few are best described in my favourite poem by P.O.C UMEH; Ambassadors of Poverty

"Ambassadors of poverty are The corrupt masters of the economy With their head abroad and anus at home Patriots in reverse orderDetermined merchants of loots who boost the economy of their colonial order to impoverish brothers and sisters at home"

"Ambassadors of poverty are The political elites in air conditioned chambers and exotic cars with tearful stories of rip offs tucked away from Their impoverish constituencies Lying prostrate with death traps for roads Mud for water Candle for light Underneath trees as schools Rat for protein Fasting as food And alibi as governance"

Declaring a state of Emergency in the North East to start with is a thing to be considered. Many innocent lives have been manned and property destroyed and I begin to wonder out aloud if the primary responsibility of a government is not the protection of lives and property.

The problems and solutions of the Northern region lies in the region.

I urge the the Federal Government as a matter of urgency to give the local vigilantes clearance to officially go to forest to fight the insurgents.


ImproveTliveveOfPeopleOf NorthernNigeria



“In the end, we will remember not the words of our enemies, but the silence of our friends” Martin Luther King Jr


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