Tribute to Fatima musa maibasira

National Association of Niger State Law students (NANIGLAW) LEGAL FLASH Committee pays Tribute to Fatima musa maibasira.

2020 is a year that stood its ground, tragedy seems to be a daily occurrence and death were no longer sorrowful. But here, the finality is too abnormal for Fatima Musa Maibasira.

The news of her death came down like a hurricane force and as if that was not enough Tsunami followed, sweeping us down to the abys of mourning with shock waves we have no absorber to contain. Our Maibasira is no more. But, her legacies lives on in many.

she lives, in the life she has touched. Few things I know of her. She is Mentor, a mentee, a humanitarian, clinician, a Goal booster, a colleague/friend, p> a joygiver, she has this glowing face that makes you wonder if she has a mask on.

Her journey was a quick one, meaningful, filled with beautiful scars a lot would want inscribe on their foreheads. She was actively involved in curricular and and extra curricular activities, to mention but few;
i. Solace Chambers
ii. Legal Clinic
iv. Female Law Students' Forum (FLF)
v. NANIGLAWS and I must say, when I was offered her previous position as the Director of Litigation I declined because her achievements during the last NANIGLAWS convention is written in a shooting star I can't hold.
vi. The Stunt program et el.

She is an embodiment of values and value, she added to whatever, who ever, she came in contact with.

you will remain alive in our words and prayers as we maintain the Valueforvalue mantra.
Adieu Maibasira.

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