The Treatment of the Youth like an unworthy prostitute must stop now, says an Enugu state youth activist

The treatment of Nigerian Youths like an unworthy prostitute must stop now

An Enugu State Youth Activist Frowns governors for a work well done.

Comrd. Nwonye Ndubuisi Thankgod has demanded for greater slot for youth in the government of both the state and the country. He stated that " it is the youths that stand in the fore front of the campaign hazards but once after the election they will be relegated and forgotten like an unworthy prostitute"

He also commends H.E Prof Babagana Umara Zulu, the executive governor of Borno State for the impact he is making in the life of the Borno State Youths.

He added that the leadership style of Senator Hezekiah Dimka to the good people of Platue Central is really commendable.

He promise to organize a nationwide campaign on Emancipating the plight of the Youths in Nigerian Government and Politics.

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  1. I concur with this one...
    The youths must be brought to the mouth of leadership as regarded as leaders of tomorrow which the tomorrow we have heard from time immemorial turns out to be today.

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