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According to Merriam Webster dictionary, YOUTH is the time of life when one is young, and often means the time between childhood and adulthood (maturity).[1] also The intergovernmental organization Organisation for Economic Co-operation and Development defines youth as "those between 15 and 29 years of age". However, various scholars opined on definition of “YOUTH”, but there is no single universal accepted definition of “ YOUTH”. the essence of youth is in a given country cannot be over emphasized. The wheel of development of any given country lies on the shoulder of how productive and creative the youthful are because they are the inevitable engine of social growth and their submissive depends the existence of country. Fortunately, the society that take positive precautionary lengths in shaping the lifestyle of their youth for the sake of future aspiration will not only centralize in securing her future economical development; but, will rather prepare ahead her next set of leaders.... The youth are the cornerstone to societal rejuvenation. Societies are not only recreated through the youthful population, but, youth are often referring to as leaders of tomorrow. As the most active segment of any society, youths are the major determiners of peace and stability of a nation (Ozohu-Sulaiman, 2006).[2] Conversely, the degree of disorderliness and instability in society is also determined in part by youths. Peace is a precursor of development. The absence of peace means that no meaningful development can take place. The National Youths Policy affirms that the extent of the youth's “responsible conduct and roles in society is positively correlated with the development of their country”. (FGN, 2001:1).

ROLES OF GOVERNMENT TOWARD THE YOUTH As said earlier, the government is expected to take long heights in shaping the lifestyle of youths, therefore, the following conditions are necessary:

1. Crime reduction and National Security.
2. Good governance.
3. Improved Standard of Education.
4. Poverty Eradication.


According to Islamic scholar, he said and I quote that" the youths are the backbone that make a society standard and firmly". Another Islamic scholar also quote that " the youths are those that brings about civilizations from one stage to another and if not for the youths, there won't be improvement to that society. Evidently, when the youths of a particular country or society are not active, that society would lacklack behind in so many ways.

Those youths that know the essence or purpose of his or he life will combine two things which are; experience and knowledge and also, the energy or power to execute those things. When someone said they have ample resources in their country, I will go against it because I believe that the youths are the resources of a country. If there is ample resources in a country with petrol, oil and so on. Truly, they are resources but it's not has good as a country that has good youth because it would bring about accretion to that country. A good youth will turn the society into peaceful one and also impunity the society. However, human beings are most pertinent and important in what GOD created, so as the youth are more valuable in all human beings for a country to progress. If you are to forseeing what country would bring about in future, you have to watch out or study where the youth belongs to. These will bid you on how would that country will be in future.

Firstly, if you glimpse on the youths which are well creative and innovative, how they work towards the betterment of their country, they show submission to their creator(GOD), that will indicate how that country would be in future. On the other hand, if it bring to your notice on how the youths attends to night club or they are being found at where they smoke or drink alcohol. It would be well known on what kind of misfortune that will fall on that country because later on all those smokers and drinkers would be placed in high position in the society. So, it will be arduous for them to rule or guide the society.

Secondly, what brings about indolent for the youth is MONEY. For a student that is still in university should be clamoring for money, that is only money can do it. For a student in 100level doing YAHOO for him to dupe other people for him to make money and to drive luxurious cars. If the youths are so busy pertaining to that, it won't bring any development to that country.

Thirdly, what is being occupied by the youths mindset? This question should also be asked in order to figure out the essence of youths in a country. A guy will be depressed by disappointment of a girl and it will lead him to commit suicide and vice verse.

Finally, another question that should be ask is that, is there any fruitfulness coming out from the youths that will benefit the country? Who are the models of the youths? To answer this question you have to know who are those people youths count as their model. Models of the youth nowadays are of two set of people, either politicians who are corrupt or a musician that goes around naked in the street or those people that lives fake life on social media.


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