A.A Zakari

Biography of Abdullahi Aliyu Zakari.

Abdullahi Aliyu Zakariwas born at Mantafien in Gbako Local Government of Niger state on the 1th of October 1999. He grew up in Kpakungu Area, Minna, Niger State.

Early Life and Education Career.

He studied Qur'an with his cousin brother Mallam Muhammad Adamu (Shugaba).

Wherein he had his elementary education at Limawa Model Primary School, Minna. In 2009, he then gained admission into the same school, Day Secondary School Limawa, Minna where he obtained his Junior Secondary School Certificate in 2011 and later proceeded to Zarumai Model Secondary School, Minna where he obtained his SSCE Certificate in 2014.

In 2016, he then proceeded to Fati Lami Abubakar Institute for Legal and Administrative Studies, Kpakungu Minna, Niger state. He earned his Diploma in Common and Sharia Law in 2018.

He is currently running his Degree Program at University of Maiduguri in Faculty of law.

Career. Abdullahi Aliyu Zakari Mantafien is a blogger, vblogger and web developer.

Abdullahi Aliyu Zakari Mantafien is the C.E.O of Legalresearch.com.ng, Legal Research Tv, Nupefiles.com and developer of www.Ndagiabdullahi.com and www.KinNupe.com and also a moderator among others.


He is gentle, calm and trustworthy. He is such a young wise star. He have learnt a lot and uses to ask a lot of questions regard to what is not clear to him. His character is worth examplery to others of his age group. He is trying his best to follow the footstep of our beloved Prophet Muhammad (S.A.W), may peace and blessing of Allah be upon him. So much that he gives himself a nickname known as Mr. Sunnah but his most popular nickname is Mr, Invincible.

He has many nicknames given to him by his friends and some of this nicknames are as follows:

1- Ubaidallah, this name was given to him by his cousin brother, Muhammad Aliyu Muhammad (Muhammady)
2- Suffeey was given to him by his cousin sister Aisha Aliyu Adamu.
3- Smiller was given to him by his classmate Victor.
4- Ali was given to him by his brainy and erudite colleague, Attahiru Mubarak.(MBK)
5- Dimple Law was given to him by his coursemate Hannah Mamman
6- Imamu Shafi'i was given to him by his coursemate, Adulwahab Omolaja and many more.

Also, I would like to remind you that having a nickname is not bad in Islam but make sure you choose a good nickname.

Note: Calling people nickname is totally prohibited in islam on the condition that the person doesn't like the name you are calling him but if he likes it, no problem.


He is currently the Treasurer of Nurul Faila youth Association Kpakungu, President of Vision with Action Coprative, Provost 2 Of National Youths Solidarity forum, P.R.O of Niger state Law Students Unimaid Chapter and Nakowa Peace and Unity Organization where he similarly holds a post Assistant Secretary General, also a former Financial Secretary of Gbako Students Association Flailas Chapter and Assistant Treasurer of Muslim Students Society (M.S.S) Flailas 2017/2018.

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