where there is a will, there is a way By Idris Tauheed

At college, I had always admired Corpers for their simple life style, well dressed, knowledgeable and friendly manner. And wish I also wore that uniform one day when I knew well that I didn't possess the quality and lacked the needed potential to be called one some day in future. However, I determined to work hard at school and always kept in mind that "where there is a will, there is a way." I am not good at lying and won't make a false statement to you my brother. This proverb is a trick and actually works like a magic for everyone who had the zeal, determination and ambition to fulfill in life.

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I always made sure that I opened my book to read every day. Although I was just being curious about learning and often dedicated most of my precious time to the studies; it's obvious to me that I still had a long way to go at the time in order to accomplish my mission. Hence I was very serious with my studies, I became a closed friend to all the corpers including my teachers at my school. Unluckily, only few of us could write and be able to read correctly in English. Again, we could not speak a good English at the time and this was really a big challenge not only to us but also the corpers who found it difficult to communicate to us and we were already in senior class. So, it's true that for effective learning to take place or get into one's skull, one must understand the language in which the teaching is being passed in the class. Most of us didn't even understand what Corpers were teaching and only few of us that coud listen attentively and guessed the language and the meaning of the teaching had failed to speak it either.

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There is this my man, Corper Isaac, my best Economics tutor in the whole world. He is from the South West of Nigeria and so he didn't understand my language at all but he liked me and made me his closed friend and always taught me what I didn't know. He would then forced me to speak English with him even when I was shy to say a word... He later got to know that I usually understood all he was saying; just that I could not reply him correctly but he didn't mind hence he was able to decode what I was trying to say in English but could not put it correctly. So, he was always patient enough to correct me of my mistakes because he had always wished to help me with my studies. Gradually, I was picking up and my zeal and determination grew higher day by day with him around me.

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After his one year of mandatory service at my school, he felt very sad because he would be leaving me behind in order to get back home and no means of communication like the mobile phone we are using now. Two days to his departure, he came to our class and was discussing with me and was also making fond of some of my classmates who had gotten married at the time. And he was seriously advising me that I shouldn't get married after the college but further my education to University level as he believed that anyone like me could make it through high institution.

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As I was so much determined and also heeded to the advice of my senior Corper, Mr. Isaac, at the end of my college, I sat for the jamb, scored above the needed cut-off marks after another additional one year of extensive reading as a remedial student at the University where I finally gained admission to study Information Technology as a course. Surely, I was very glad and as God so much wished, I completed my study successfully and served as a Corper too in Mr. Isaac's home state but I do not have his contact nor address or even walked into him during my service year to share this testimony with him.

It was then I fully realized that "where there is a will, there is a way."

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