What is inner Peace By Idris Tauheed

As usual, you have come up with another yet most interesting topic of which I know everyone must be willing to put down his views and experience as it has to do with anyone's personality and what matters most in life regardless of what others say or think about one. I always care about my inner peace first - then be just as it remains the most important organ (heart) of my life. My personal definition of "Inner Peace" is the ability to find one's real self, what pleases one the most and know when it's right or wrong even if others fail to agree with you at the time but that doesn't stop you to listen to people's advise.

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To have the inner peace, one must be sure of the followings and guilty of none.
1. Self-esteem: You must not look down on yourself even if others view it and turn it to be against you.
2. Personality: Be genuine, show true love, do what is right, don't be selfish and do for others as you would like it to be done to you.
3. Equality: Don't attempt an action that will make you feel guilty of yourself towards others. Do justice between yourself and others and this is what gives you the most inner peace that we are talking about now...
4. Confidence: Don't lose your self-esteem when others have doubts in you and give up quickly.
5. Forgiveness: You just have to forgive yourself at times when you make silly mistakes; the same way you have to pardon others who offended you mistakenly.
6. Priority. It's more better to do more good for yourself than to harm yourself for others whom you only want to please.
7. Independent: Always strive to be independent but that doesn't mean you don't need others... You always need them and go with them and don't force anyone to go or agree with you for their own selfish interest.
8. Justice: The most beautiful way to deal with life is being just towards others without any pretence and be in a good harmony with your Lord for all the gain and favour you wish of Him.

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The reasons it's the best to go for the inner peace other than the pleasant physical expression of others are:
Most people tend to be rejoicing, when they are sad, some are just laughing but they are truly hurt inside while others may decide to hide their pain before friends and people around them however; that doesn't mean it has died off and left one's pain with them; it still lives with you all alone... Let's focus more on our inner peace other than the physical appearance and what makes others happy about us but guilty and unhappy about ourself. It's good to please others but don't do it at the expense of yourself before you later regret it. It's not self-esteem to always dance to the tunes of others. You have to be yourself and show your true personality without any pretence. Sometimes, you just have to offend others to get it right on your own way before everybody can talk right about you. Again, you can deal with your physical appearance, fake your outer look when truly it's not so and provoke yourself more for not be truthful with your inner peace.. Therefore, one can't conceal one's inner peace to one's self but one must swim in the pool of sadness to deny one's inner peace at the expense of one's self.

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In conclusion, you can only find your inner peace after you have discovered yourself, after you have known what the truth is and decided to work with it and care more about the fact than you fight for your own self. Don't live a fake life. Smile when you are happy and cry when you feel sad... that is, what life is all about, either ups or downs! It is never ups always nor downs forever.

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