Single parents By Idris Tauheed

I have to give my opinion and insight on this demanding topic "Single Parents" either through losing of one's parent to death or by divorce. What are the challenges and a bitter experience of it? The below are just the few words I can offer for it and I thought it's worth sharing with you guys.

No better life as that of a man who lives happily with her partner in a good relationship. Both male and female have always been in search for a good spouse for a better life after marriage. Yet, no matter how careful we are in making our choice sometimes, we don't meet with a right person and this has always posed a fear in the mind of many young people both handsome guys and pretty ladies in delaying their marriage or get into any meaningless relationship because they are waiting for their perfect match hence they have witnessed many marriages and homes been broken in a shameful and regrettable manner. This usually happens when we make a wrong choice or offer our hearts to a man or lady who has never loved us in the first place. When this happens, the marriage may break up for many reasons. One of the party may have endured so much or running out of patience and think the best decision is to seek for a divorce without minding the number of the children who need both their parents' love and care to grow up both spiritually and psychologically.

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Neither the children nor the husband and the wife of the single parents enjoy the life after separated from each other. Both live to experience a bitter life and many children have grown up in this shamble circle of life pain. I can say that it's as the same and painful as the life-living of that of a person who lost one of his/her parent to death hence the children lack the proper care and training of the mother when both the parents are still alive or one of the parents has lost his or her life to death. I didn't pray for any of the two to happen because it calls for another hardship of life most especially if one's Dad gets married to a woman who has never wished for anything good in your life. No matter how determines one must be, he or she may live a miserable life because the love of a mother can't be compared to anything in the world. If it happens naturally, it's understandable than to witness a husband and his wife get apart without considering their children who will live to feel the pain most. !

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