Indecent dressing by Abdullahi zakari mantafien

I have been attending many programs about standing against rape for many years and up till now I haven't seen any change on its total condemnation because women are part of this problem. You can't count women that get rape every day because they are so many of them.

It's good to be enlightened people about it but what they fail to realise is women are the number one cause of the rape! I deem it to be an offer to pedophiles and they accept it.

Why is the punishment penalty only for man and freeing the woman? Whereas she is the main subject or actor of the act. All our laws seem to be silent about this and always blame men. Why? If there should be a punishment for rapist also there should be a penalty for indecent dressing.

About 80 percent of those who get rape nowadays are those who dress with tight clothes, they look so attractive to men in a such way that any man that sees them will want to have canal knowledge of them. This is the problem we are facing today in our society. Indecent dressing has become a way of civilization. If you didn't dress indecently the way they are, they will call you names, and they will not get along with you because they think you are uncivilized. Government needs to do something regard to this indecent dressing.

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Many nations in the world have been looking for a solution to stop this offence of rape but as am telling you today, it will not stop if they are not ready to implement the laws that must guide women dressing code and also a penalty must be attached to its violation.

Some countries are now proposing castrating for a rapist! They think it will stop rape or reduce rape case. Which I think it will not.


Castrating as a punishment would not solve the problem. Rather decent dressing most take over indecent dressing.

Our research result has shown us that 80% of those who got rape are adults, from 16years upward that is why it has become necessary for government to take a swift action to fish out the culprits and bring them to book. We must do something now to stop these cases of rape. In our efforts towards zero case of rape, ladies must dress decently, I also think that this will make everyone to respect them including the pedophiles. It's so because I have never heard of any rape case with any woman who dresses according to Islamic teaching. A woman with her outer garment (hijab and nikab) will never fall a victim of such, why because she protects herself from any kind of evils. You don't need to show everything in you before guys would like you or before rich men would chase you. Therefore, dress decently and good people will find your way. May Allah protect our women folks and help them cast out the devil that makes them dressing indecently. Ameen.

By Abdullahi zakari mantafien
law student from university of Maiduguri.
C.E.O of

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