Tuesday, June 2, 2020

Read And Get Rich (RAGR)

Welcome to Read And Get Rich, friends! We will be glad to have you contest in our challenge for the month. The primary aim of this challenge is to help young Nigerians inculcate the habit of productive reading which does not only fill the head with knowledge, but also liberates the mind. No true reader can be indoctrinated! When you read you get better understanding of the things happening inside and around you. You have nothing to lose by participating in this challenge.

As our contribution to making the world a better place, we want to help you become a better person. We want you to read. And we are ready to pay you for doing just that!

1. Entry is free.
2. Just send in your name and a clear photo of you through the designated mediums before the 3rd of every month. Unless for months we do not call for the contest. 
3. You can reach us through these mediums for questions and submissions: 08101772572 (WhatsApp only: Anytime), 07016673478 (Calls only: 8 am-8 pm). You can also reach us on Facebook by the username 'Alewa Jonathan'. Mail us on alewajonathan@gmail.com.

1st price- 10 thousand.
1st Runner up- 5 thousand.
2nd Runner up- 3 thousand.

1. Pick any book of your choice.
2. Send in the PDF format of that book as soon as you start reading.
3. Send in your Review as soon as you finish reading. Your review should not be more than 450 words.
4. Your review should contain at least: Synopsis, Lessons learnt,  and Application.
5. Relevant books and better reviews get more points. Note that, books on self-development will be treated with more regard.
6. We have a well mapped out score sheet for each review. A maximum of 20points and a minimum of 2points can be attained for each review. The contestant with the highest point at the end of the month becomes the winner. You can apply for our scoring scheme to have an edge with your review.
Note that, the contestant with the highest point will only be award if, and only if, he or she scores up to 45points.
Our review sheet will be ready by next month!
7. Please, note that, we will cross-examine participants as we deem fit to make sure participants actually read the books.
8. A Shortlist of all monthly participants will be realized by the 3rd of every month.

Partner with us: 08101772572 (WhatsApp only: Anytime), and 07016673478 (Calls only: 8 am - 8 pm).
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