Nature By Idris Tauheed

I have always felt the nature of the earth most especially when I pay a visit to my village. In my understanding of the "nature", it's a natural environment that is free of any exploitation by man wherein can be found wildlife animals, trees, birds as that part of the world has been in existence. On this observation, I would like to share my experience in contact with the nature.

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I have spent a half part of my life in the city and also in the village and both the two have played a great role in my life particularly, life in the village brings you closer to the nature, good and free oxygen that is free of industrial and air pollution. You also have access to a lot of green vegetables, fruits, and lots more and all these natural foods keep you strong, healthy and free of any disease attack that causes damage to our health.

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The nature has made me feel the beautiful of the world through its close examination and observation. In it, you would realize that every creation is an art, an art of which something can be learned from it if only you can think deeply like me. Thus, I had learnt that nature is an art of purpose through which man can also gain some knowledge of his own to create or invent something meaningful and close to it - your experience of the earlier observation of the nature... The knowledge of a man is the reflection of the observation he has earlier gotten through the world. Thereby, by the nature itself.

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I am not a science student but I have learnt that most renown scholars and famous scientists are able to bring us to this digital world through the study of the nature. Look at the plane that flies above your head, its art of purpose is bird and air, Eiffel ToweršŸ—¼, its art of purpose is human skeleton, so also, numerical figure, its art of purpose is our fingers which are 1 to 10. The computer is also in existence today because humanbeing can think and invent something close or like himself in speed of light. For instance, microprocessor serves to the computer as our brain, its input devices as our eyes, ears and its output devices as our mouth. Therefore, it can also store and retrieve data through its memory just like humanbeings do and in more perfect way than we usually experience in our lives.

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The art of the nature is the beginning and perfect form of all arts and it's the reflection of the other arts. Architectures and Engineers have learnt from the nature arts too and have also gain more knowledge of their work from it. The materials of which we use of the other arts are also gotten from the real nature. Therefore, the nature has provided us everything that we need to carry out our own arts. The cost of the artificial air we breathe is very expensive and can't hardly be afford by everybody yet the mother nature provides it free. The global warming is reduced through the thick nature of the trees of the earth and there are many other benefits of the nature that is yet unknown to us.

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Finally, I would have liked to attacked the picture of one of the landscapes of my country, Nigeria but I don't have one now. My name remains Idris.

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