My dream to become a soldier By Idris Tauheed

As a child then, I had always dreamt of becoming a soldier one day when I grew up. I was so passionate about this profession because I thought I could defend myself and my country against external aggression.

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At the time, I liked watching Action Films in order to keep my ambition of being one some day alive and during this period, I was also learning a lot of tactics and generating new ideas whenever I played these movies on TV and then tried to deploy it with friends in a very dangerous movement with aims to injure or get someone to surrender. I also liked participating and competing among my colleagues and with one bold Police Officer in carrying weight of which I often won in demonstrating my ability while he was loosing his weight in the barrack and sometimes, I went to watch taekwondo outside the barrack at the time. There is this my brother who attended a military school, taught and trained as a soldier. He was always leading and standing in the front during the parade proceeding, built up his muscles with lots of press ups and you didn't need to be told before you know he just acted as a military in his physical appearance. He was honour as an intelligent cadet on his school ID Card because of the knowledge and experience he had acquired and gained during the school parade squad. But instead of my guy to appreciate his profession, he would be telling me that military job was not a good profession for him and me and that he would not like to further his education to Nigerian Defense Academy N.D.A let alone becoming a military personnel after his tertiary education. To him, it's nothing more than a secret cult, no going back once you take the oath and you are trained to kill or be killed without much payment of risking your precious life but suffering. And we had also desired to make lots of monies and not to die young and wallow in poverty. Thus, I had learnt more about some of their codes and secrets that is not meant to be shared with you but then he also told me, a military job worth not dying for, instead I should switch to another better profitable profession available. I nurtured this idea of this job until I was about to leave secondary school where I had a change of thought of becoming a tutor again.

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In secondary school, I had this burning desired in me of imparting knowledge on my students the same way as I had learnt it at school. I had liked to be a tutor because it was my utmost wish to contribute in building a good society and work as a team to bring peace among the different ethnicities within the school premises. But then, I discovered that teaching, as a profession is not an easy task particularly when you are dealing with students who are stubborn and do not pay the needed attention and quickly forget what is being taught in the class just within a short period of time after learning. So, I have learnt that teachers and lecturers always endure with patience to produce other professions including doctors and pilots.

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As a student then, I developed the interest of becoming a tutor, just to gain more knowledge and get a good pay before I changed my mind to work as a force man apart from being a land army.

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Not that I am afraid of being killed or fight to join the land army but of recent, I had wished to work as a Navy, Air Force, Customs or Immigration Officer or with a management department such as a FIRS, DPR, NNPC, NIWA and whatnot.

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I will be very glad if God grants my wishes so as to take part in developing my country and discharge my duty with humility and diligence.

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