Life of a Nigerian soldier



A chart with My grandfather who joined NIGERIAN Army in the early 50s in Zaria, Kaduna state.

Can you Tell Me about yourself?

I am Muhammad MUAZU umaru Alfa an indigenous person from wuya kede in Niger state,  I joined the military during the British rule in Nigeria.

I can't vividly tell when I was born, because our parents didn't give us that history, what I just know is I was born in wuya kede.

My early life I attended gbara primary school together with the late Etsudechi of wuya kede, back then we trekked from wuya kede to gbara for education purpose. As live move on I can't remember all but I was in Zaria as a bricklayer with my elder brother Muhammad umaru Alfa, it was at that time youths are been enlisted to join the Nigerian Army and I developed interest in serving my nation and putting that egwa (KAKI).

I Was trained as soldier in Zaria for 3 months, I can vividly remember sergeant musa madagari who trained us and we become a full commissioned and confirmed Nigerian Army personnel. We Had several trainings, of which I can't remember some.

Can you tell me what happened during the Nigerian civil war and military life?

My life During the civil war.

I was part of the 127 Battalion okigbe via Anambra state, that were I served, I could remember Lt. Col Bitrus of Jos, Lt. Col Abude wuta from patigi and Lt col. Abbas From osun all our senior officers in 127 battalions.

We travelled to Izakole, enugu, okigbe, mbana, okpara road and some places I can't remember their names now  due to my age.

For my dedication and diligent active service, I was giving one lane yard (Last corporal)  until I become a sergeant officer in the Nigerian army,  I can't remember  what I collect as my salary at that time. but it was very good one back then for a soldier like me. we do enjoy it and even some allowances all via table payments.

What I respect much more back then in the active service was our dedication and selfless service, sacrifice for the country even though our leaders were actively engaging in coups,  ours is to obeyed commands without hesitation.

Have you been shot🔫 during your military days?

Yes of course, I have 3 bullets signs in my body, one in my chest, Back and my leg were shot at different places.

Can you remember names of your colleagues during military days?

Yes of course,  one Muhammad jeba, Aliyu isah, Muhammad patigi and others whom I can't recall their names,  but we have a very good time with them together with same mindset.

What is your greatest feeling back then?

Back then, military work was all about passion, dedication, courage, sacrifice and determination for one Nigeria. The morale in us. I don't think it exist in the present soldiers.

During those days we do listen to radio always, I remembered when Gen. Murtala was assassinated, we were at mbana, we heard the information via radio and life moves on as normal. my battalion knew that its another era of Nigeria.

Were you relief, sent away or you retired?

Haaaaa.. (Laugh)  I have never run away even during the Nigeria civil war, I don't have good qualifications, but that didn't stopped me. I retired from the Nigerian army many years back after I was transferred back from Benin to minna military cantonment.

Did you received anything when you retired?

It was a notification that I am feet for retiring and retired without anything. I packed all my belongings and came back to wuya kede. Happily after serving my father's land diligently. it's something of proud to say I was, if not mistaken the first military personnel from wuya kede.  I joined Vigilante group of Former kede local government as a senior officer, and bida local government vigilante group too, unfortunately we aren't paid our entitlement. So I quit and returned to farming. But unfortunately age over take me. I couldn't farm and began selling Trade, needles, hand needles, fish farming tools and other related items.

What called do you have to Nigerians?

All what we did was for humanity. Our job to protect the nation and it citizens.  Remember to always pray for our gallant officers in the armed forces. To the government please always make sure they lack nothing. because they have sacrifice everything for the Nation.

Even without paying me anything for what I am entitled for. Alhamdulilah, I am leaving healthy and lively.

Long live Federal Republic of Nigeria.
One Nigeria.
One Nation.

By Muhammad Alfa Muhammad (Grandson)
@[email protected]

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