Life and death By Idris Tauheed

In the matter of "LIFE and DEATH" It could as well mean in the FACE of DEATH. In this regards, a lot of thoughts must have occupied and passed through one's mind ranging from fighting for a war, having a severe pain in illness, involving in a car accident, it could be a man who is awaiting an execution, a life imprisonment gangster, or someone running into the people of the underworld and so on. As we all value life, the same way, we are also scared of death. But it's true that death is inevitable and so we can't escape it no matter how long we live and stay on this earth. Nobody has ever wished for the death still, we can't live forever.

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Hence it has become certain that we can't stay alive on earth till eternity, some people have no fear for the death anymore and so many of us do forget it as if it didn't even exist again though it's.

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The best scenario to relate this topic of life and death can be well explained with the conditions I have highlighted above:
Life in a war front, it's a issue of life and death and it's here you would actual learn how precious life goes with peace, it's here you wish you had enjoyed life more without being sent to any battle, it's here it occurred to you that there is the Supernatural One and it's here you determined between life and death and wish you bargained for a living instead of a death.

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At times as much as I think of the life, I never give it much thought about the death... But sometimes, one would imagine that what if one had not existed in the first place, what would have happened in this world. This imagination just appears blank and blind to me because the more I think of it, the more I get lost in my thoughts. Ever since I was young, I couldn't graduate with a reasonable feedback to my curiosity. So also, I think of the death, what would have happened to one that one could no more say a word again, do and know nothing about the world s/he had once lived in and spent all time of his/her life in... Although I have witnessed the death of both the young and the old, the men and the women but no one had ever experienced the death and live to tell the story; that is why it remains mysterious to everyone who is still alive. However, there is another life after death yet no one had wished to die now.

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Life and death are not the same and have nothing in common except life-given and life-taken and it's so, as a life situation between the livings and the deaths. Only the deaths have the ideas of his/her living. So, the livings have no ideas about the deaths as both are not in the same world but one had had the experience of the first world before leaving for the other and once this happens, it can't never be reverse in its last exit.

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The concepts of life have associated itself with feelings, demanding, satisfying, aspiring and lots more but the last breath of the death brings an end to all these enjoyment of life.

To this end, the life starts when one is given birth to and it ends when one is dead and departed this world forever for the other world where the life therein is till eternity.

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