Importance of discipline in life By Idris Tauheed

I am glad and also I have regained my full strength as you come back with our day of essay after a short time of break. As usual, you have always come up with an interesting topic and a topic that is a talk of the day, the time and the society at large... As our elders do say: The child of nowadays lacks discipline and it's base on this, I would like to write to you Ma'am and my other audience - "Importance of discipline in life". What a demanding and fantastic topic at a needed time!

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First and foremost, let me give my personal definition of discipline. To me, it's a customary and formal rules of life that is expected of you. Discipline is also a good character instilled in a person through a tough training that one may need to apply a punishment to follow it up for a purpose of getting one to do what is expected of him or her without telling him /her to do it next time.

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In other words, it a moral habit found in every child, adult and the trainee. And I have always said to myself, a child without a discipline is just like a car with no brake. He could be dangerous... Discipline is a moral habit that guides us, teaches us how to behave in a public, gathering and also in a relationship with others who seem to value it. Again, discipline has chosen us to act in the best of the manner that gets everyone most attracted to us and like to associate him/herself with us. But having a good discipline nowadays, has become a problem in our society. The world has now turned upside down and no one appreciates it anymore. Anyone who practices it has become a threat to those who don't have it. Not that the world doesn't appreciate it but no one is ready to show it. In some household today, they don't even know what is a discipline and that is why you would find these children at school who hardly listen to their teachers and even more find it difficult to succeed in their careers as they associated themselves with other bad gangs at the school premises because they have been denied or failed to accept a full discipline right from home and a child who doesn't have a parental moral care and discipline has lost a big sense in life. S/he may think whatever s/he does, s/he is right even when s/he is wrong. He may lack the courage or ability to apologize to others when s/he offends them hence there is no discipline. Discipline is a key to one's life that opens other doors. It attracts a good character and a good character defines us and gets us an access to all top places in life. A good character makes others to be scaring of us and also respecting us.

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The discipline in us has made others to trust us, rely on us and hope for the best in any of our dealing with them; it has also made them to talk good about us and appreciate us in a manner we had never expected it with a high esteem. .

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For this reason, we should not deprive our children from giving them a good training of discipline that they must live to grow up with, that they will grow up to be in need of at their youthful and old age when their original parents may no more be found or be with them and in that way, we continue to transfer it to the next generation so that the world will be in peace. Thus, it's a proud of every parent to see his/her child behaves in a good way of manner even at their back without telling them to do so because that is what we call discipline and the goal or essence of it. Thank you very much for giving me the opportunity to write on this interesting topic and my name remains Idris Tauheed!

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