What is Family By Idris Tauheed

No topic has given me so much joy and excitement to write on it as I penned down my thoughts, experience and joy for "family" because it's the background of every being, the beginning of every life and the backbone of every society. As I was taught in social study those days at school, "family" consists of father, mother and their children. But to me it goes beyond that meaning in terms of love, caring, support, experience, happiness and education that is always associated with it and also part of it.

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One without family has nothing to talk of, proud of and miss out of life because family is the life itself.
Without family, we are nobody, because family makes us become whom we are now and wanted to be later in future. Family life is full of all kinds of expectations as we grow to learn, to feel for others, extend our hands of help to all, maintain a good relationship and reputation in our society.

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As we all know, family is very pertinent and it remains the pillar on which every society is built, a home where a good discipline is instilled in us at an early age, a state through which a peaceful nation existence is originated at large.

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Tracing back to life and human existence and experience, you would realise that as soul is to the body so also is family to human existence. The knot that has tight us together is family. The world itself is established through this very mighty name of family and will continue to be bigger with full of passion and every good idea to write about yet to it. By Idris.

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