Broken Promises By Idris Tauheed

I feel glad and much excited to express my view in regard to this topic of the day - "Broken Promises." I have always wanted to talk on this issue and condemned it totally because it's one of the acts I despise most in life even if it seems to be a normal way of life for some people who indulge in it. As you know, a promise is not just a mere statement made on the tip of your tongue, it should also go down deep to one's heart. Thus, it's a vow, trust, hope and expectation that must be fulfilled at all cost if truly you a sincere person except there is a condition or circumstance that leads to its failure. So, there is this wise saying, promise is very expensive; don't expect it from the cheap people. It's also true that life may not always go as we plan it after we may have made a promise to someone who trusted, relied and also believed in us only to be dissapointed at last. In this kind of situation, if really it's not intentional, there is always a way one can prove oneself right otherwise, one is a liar by making it a habit. It really feels painful if one is not informed of the broken promise in time, before the day or the date so as to find another alternative, means or solution to the problem on ground at the time or fails to back it up with a genuine reason. I have always advised people that don't make a fake promise or one you can not keep or fulfill for whatever reason. If you do, it shows that you are a serial liar, it shows that you can't be trusted, it also means that you're not a reasonable humanbeing. It's better you voice out the truth than to make fond of someone by lying or fooling them and lost your dignity in someone's face forever.

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Many people indulge in this act because they feel others are doing it. Some even take it as a normal way of life while others derive pleasure in doing it because it seems to be part of them and they can't succeed in life without telling lies and covering up at last.

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I have always felt hurt if someone lied to me by making a promise he/she could not keep till date. I would have always appreciated it more if one could be sincere and just told me one's mind without relying on it bound to be truth though no promise is a promise until it's being fulfilled at the right time without breaking of one's heart. Therefore, don't put too much hope in just a mere word of someone as it's only a statement under zero (0) probability and nothing can't change it to be one (1) until it's being fulfilled.

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As it's believed by me, fake promise is always made as a result of being unfaithful, dishonesty and immoral. It's a moral abuse, abuse of one's personality and loyalty, it's also abdnomal in business agreement or contract. It's also a poison to any friendship or relationship. It's not just healthy in whatever condition one may find him/herself to utter a word by merely saying it without the intention of giving it a meaning by acting on it as stated or being convinced. By all truths, one who always makes a fake promise has lost his/her own personality in the eyes of many people who had once trusted and relied on him/her.

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I hardly say a word that I'm not much sure of and if by expectation I utter one and later find out that there is change in time and schedule, you would get to be notified by me to know that I had not in any way made fond of you by lying to you. It costs nothing to be honest and sincere to people who know us and rely on us. It only earns us most respect not only before our younger ones but also before the elders if we can make a promise and fulfill it. A voice from Nigeria! Also Read more:
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