Baro port


A State with prominent personalities, people that served in the highest position Of this country, and currently have many Of its indigenes holding juicy and influential positions in the country yet no development or little achievement to show.

These so called people Of prominent personalities and influence does little or nothing towards lobbying developmental projects to our dear State. These set Of people only Good at developing other states at the expense of their State Of origin through building industries/companies outside their State. Did our State and it people offend them or are they being spiritually curse?

What is the essence Of having such people Of personalities and to what reason do we paid them loyalty and respect if they can not develop the State (building industries within and help lobbying Government developmental Projects to our dear State).

The BARO PORT was politically commissioned without completion by Mr President to favour it re-election into office and after the election the PORT that will serves as breakthrough to our dear State economy and unemployment rate has been selfishly abandoned.

 It is unfortunate that our State government, the senators and Reps from our State are doing little about the completion Of the Port and it active functioning. It is obvious that there are many enemies within and outside the state, sabotaging the coming to reality Of the BARO PORT but we can not rest until it is achieved. We shall keep praying and voicing out on Media, God's willing it will be achieved.

Dear Nigerlites, it is our responsibility to make our State a better place for the present and the later generations.

May we be guided Ameen.

Nasiru Muhammad Gana

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