Animals Rights By Idris Tauheed

I always feel concern about it and now very sad and worry whenever I come across an animal being mistreated by humans. At my place, it has become their culture and habit to open the door (cage) for animals (sheep or goats) usually at nights at the time when most farmers have harvested their crops or brought back their farm's produce from the farms. At times, these animals enter other people's house and steal their food and when caught by the owner of the food, normally, they injure them and sometimes, the case is reported to the police who keep the goat in their custody until the owner of it is called to appear before the station and made to pay some money for the damages. I often say to my people, injure or deform them (animal(s) is not the best way because animals have no much sense as we (men) do. For this alone, I only wish we could change our thoughts and attitude towards animals for their better living with us.

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Although God has placed them under us, He doesn't ask us to inflict pains on them. I believe you also knew that God had created them just as He had also made you to exist on this earth. So, If I may assume it for you to know their rights fully, I could say we are not in any way better than them but God being Merciful to us, He has given us more intelligence and control over them and also, so that they (animals) can serve as a means of food to man.

Therefore, if actually we know about it, the animals also possess their rights too just as we human-beings do in some certain ways. For instance, if you would like to keep an animal(s) at home, adhere to this simple rules and advice, find a place for them to live in form of their habitance and also provide them their food regularly. Get worry to know their whereabouts when any of them gets out or escape out of the place you have caged them. You shouldn't kill an animal you won't eat its meat. Please help them when they are in need of water to drink instead of throwing stones at them. Wait patiently when driving a car or riding a motorcycle until they cross the road and don't crush them because they have a family at home too. Don't abuse them as if they meant nothing to you. Don't treat them anyhow because they are animals. They just can talk to us in their language or we don't just understand their language but they communicate within themselves and feel the pain too.

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I really felt so sad last time I saw what someone had done to a poor goat, he plucked out one of its eyes and let it go or then, set it free. The goat was able to manage and struggle to return home to its owner with the other eye but I couldn't stand watching it well when he - the owner was showing it to me. The animals that also receive this kind of treatment at my area are dogs because many people just hate it for no reason not knowing that dogs are men's best friend. !

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I could also remember visiting a zoo during Muslim's Festival (Eid-El-Kabir) and I couldn't just stop them in their large number but I called the attention of the zoo keeper when I saw some boys laughing loudly and throwing stones at one chimpanzee in its cage and I could see the tears coming out of its eyes.

I was unhappy when I got home that day because I saw an animal using its hands to wipe away the tears from its eyes yet its pain was not felt by some cruel humans inflicting it on him.

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