Freedom of movement by Idris Tauhid

"FREEDOM" is the first and the best of all human rights that one must seek in life before one can excel. Hence in Section 41. (1) of the 1999 constitution of federal Republic of Nigeria as amended 2011. Stated "Every citizen of Nigeria is entitled to move freely throughout Nigeria and to reside in any part thereof, and no citizen of Nigeria shall be expelled from Nigeria or refused entry thereby or exit therefrom."
One's freedom enables one to be free of exercising one's rights under the constitution of one's country. However, one's freedom may be violated in the court of law if one commits a crime that is against the law of the land. For instance, in Nigeria before the outbreak of Corona Virus Covid-19, the freedom of movement is one of our human rights. This right goes to everyone except a person who commits a crime such as thieves or gangsters, their freedom of movement would be denied or restricted as they must have to face the wrath of the law behind the cells or spending the remaining part of their lives in prisons and it's then, one would appreciate the freedom of movement just as we are experiencing right now. It's at this time we all are realizing that the freedom of movement is the best form of all human rights after being at liberty of oneself. Sometimes, it's not only the freedom of movement can be taken away from a person but also the freedom of speech or expression. I believe that we have all heard of a man by name Nelson Mandela of South Africa who spent 27 years of his life in prison advocating for the truth and fighting for the liberation of his people - South African Nationals who were being maltreated by the then colonial masters (The Europeans) in their own home country by segregating the Whites' children from the Blacks' children even in schools. The Blacks were stopped to attend the Whites' Schools and their only offence is for being Blacks as if they had chosen to be ones themselves or they were angry with God who had made them Blacks yet I doubted it because no one has the right to show his/her anger to the creation of God.
Martin Luther King was also a Black who scolded the Whites with his wisdom of speech and inspirational talks for their wrong doing and ill treatment of the Black Nationals as the Blacks or we Africans were considered and taken as monkeys or less to nothing and they even bullying and killing them openly in the United States of America for no reason than the hatred of us. So, Nelson Mandela of South Africa and King Martin Luther in America who were both Blacks spoke and preached against these evil acts towards the Blacks and worked tirelessly to free themselves from the hand of these Blacks oppressors - The Whites' Government. Thus, Nelson Mandela advocated for Self-Independence.
Sadly, Martin Luther King was later assassinated by unknown person but the Whites after his death made a U-turn and changed its constitution in favour of the Black Nationals residing in America too. These Black American were sold and shipped to America during slave trade. I couldn't vividly remember now the name of one of their important buildings that belongs to the United States of America which was named after him. He was also famous for one of his inspirational quotes which he said "I have a dream" and truly his dream later became the truth because before his death no one would have believed that one day a Black in person of Barrack Obama would rule a country like American. I could still remember how happy I was along with my other Africans that day when Barrack Obama was declared a winner and he was one of the most respected American presidents till date not only in America but also by the rest of the world.
Martin Luther was not more but his name can never be forgotten in the history of agitating for the rights of his fellow Blacks all over the world. He didn't make use of the gun to gain the support of the masses who felt the same way with him but his speech was actually the fact and powerful like the word of God for all (Justice) irrespective of their skins and where they came from.
Also, Nelson Mandela after being released from the prison, he was made the South Africa's President and his people still wish he could continue even after his mandate had expired but he being so much wise and wanted the best for his people and not being too selfish and greedy, he handed over the power to another person. Today, Nelson Mandela but I usually regard to him as Madiba which is also the local name his people prefer to call him. Even though he was not a Nigerian, I so much love him and he is the most famous and a great Icon of the all best presidents in the whole world. Though he is not more, his words are still in use today and spread like wild-fire and the Holy Salvation Messages.
More my Dad told me about him - Nelson Mandela but little did I remember of him. After the death of these famous Africans Activist Heroes, we found it difficult to get a leader who has his people at heart. Then, we were complaining of the colonial masters who were ruling us as it pleased them, now the power is being transferred to us and we are left on our own to govern ourselves without the interruption of the British government who had colonised us but yet we can't ensure justice among ourselves, Human Rights and Rule of Law are not applied appropriately between the child of nobody with the child of somebody.
Most African leaders are so cruel that they deny their subjects the right to freedom of speech, equity and lots more. No development, no creation of jobs, lack of orderliness and justice among us rather many of our leaders except few enjoy watching the fellow Africans die of hunger, disease and of their wickedness and corruption minded. It's now I agree that all Blacks are wicked with themselves and can not be trusted with power hence they will misuse and abuse it.
In conclusion, our freedom is still like a bird in the cage in the sense that it can not use its feather to fly far but within its captivity.
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