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✍🏽Badmus Uthman Olayemi

There is no doubt that law students are mostly respected and honoured in various campuses of different universities in the world, it is necessary because law is technical and it is only for few privilege people. White and black is not a joke, it is a sign and symbol of knowledge and respect, that is why lawyers are refer to as learned persons.

More often, Law students in the various campuses behold themselves as superior to every other student in the campus, because of the respect and nature of the noble profession.

However, it is very essential for every law students to know and understand that litigation is impossible without having clients, and also a lawyer cannot plead cases before a court without clients (litigants).

The bone of contention now is, Who will be your client after you have been called to the bar?.

Is it that your friend from faculty of social sciences that you have insulted, and look down on , or your friend from faculty of engineering that you told he is not up to your level because you're studying law, Lol.. Who exactly do you think you're studying law for ? For yourself? Or for what?. these people will never call you for litigation, they will rather look for an alternative, or go to another lawyer of a well character, not because your advocacy skills are bad but because you once see yourself as an island of knowledge and someone that can survive on his own.

Consequentially, many lawyers have lost their clients during their university days , they're there in various chambers without clients and achievements in this noble profession.

I pray we don't lose our pride, and income because of unprofessional arrogance and overzealousness.

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  1. Thanks remaining our legal minded , although you have said it all but in addition to that even your family will not be able to engage you as there lawyer because of this behavior and lastly I wish more ink in your pen