On World


Men aren't good enough.
Love, envy, hatred and jealousness
Are planted in the mind of men
Growing and germinating on evilly

Some are as gentle as a dove.
Some appear like a rabid dog
That's thirsty for food
All faces are the same
But ambiguous in character

When their loves wave at you, braced them up
Their ways are very hard to ply.
When their wings hover aloof at you, yield them up.

Though the sword is hidden among their pinions
And it may wound at anytime
When they speak, listen to them
But choose few of their words to parole

Their voices can turn a bitter lyrics
To a sweetest song
Their words can shattered a dream
As the north wind lays to destroy the garden.
The world is very dynamic
Likewise men in the world
©A2Z Invincible.

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