Judicial is an independent body

Judiciary is the highest and vital arm of government saddle with the responsibility of interpretation of law's, protecting the law's, guiding the law's, and Also making the law's in some circumstances.

Judiciary as a last hope for every common man because no one is above the law, and the highest arm with the knowledge of law and protecting the dignity of every being as a nature concerns.

The major problem of know a days in judiciary is declination of the powers naturally conferred on then as jurist of law, and justice pioneer's, in all aspects of human existence as was stated by Thomas Aquinas, was probably seize in many instances by the word politicians, which is like a diseases which can be very difficult to be solve if affected.

Judiciary has to be given the highest independent because no nation will independently developed and achieved it goals without given an utmost independent to the judiciary. it's notorious and barbaric for a judiciary to lost it independent because that will be the door and backbone of all evils in the nation.

Without no doubts an independent judiciary is the mother of peace, unity and tranquility, but the most surprised thing today is that political systems are know mingled a non acceptable relationship with our judiciary and causing many crisis to our judiciary by declined the respect been confer to our noble judiciary. Which take my notification/memory back to curtailed from the words of advice from our respective Lord NIKI TOBI JSC As he was then as follow. " And so judges should on no account, dance to the music played by the politicians because that will completely destroy their role as an independent umpires in the judiciary process.

The solution to these, the caretakers of our judiciary and holders of our noble arms have to be very careful and sincere in operating their rights, duties, and also installed and protect their dignity because judiciary is the ample space for justice to be preserved but if judiciary lost this power all human, both leader's and servants are totally not save from any calamity.
By Musa Yakubu

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