How to mine free bitcoin with Stormgain

In this article we shall be teaching you how to mine free bitcoin without investment.
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StormGain is a popular cryptocurrency exchange in the United Kingdom, with over 120,000 users in over 100 countries. Traders and investors all around the globe use it as a leveraged trading broker. StormGain also offers a hassle-free registration and login process. In this review, we are showing what this platform offers and promises, as well as dictating whether this broker does what it says and whether it is legit or not. Click here to Sign Up

Does StormGain really mine Bitcoin?

With StormGain's free Bitcoin cloud mining service, you can mine bitcoin by signing up for a StormGain account, then going to the mining tab and pressing the “start cloud miner” button. After that, every four hours, you earn mining rewards.

How does mining on StormGain work?

StormGain's cloud mining service is more rewarding than other conventional cloud mining platforms. The more you trade with StormGain's crypto trading platform, the more the hash rate is diverted to your account.

Pros and Cons

While there is a lot to love about StormGain, like the simple yet efficient IU and attractive commission, there are some drawbacks of the broker that you should pay attention to before starting trading on it. Read Also
How to earn free bitcoin

StormGain Bonus

The StormGain Sign up bonus code for 2021 is BONUS25. To use the promo code you have to register on the StormGain crypto trading platform and input the bonus reward code. You can then claim a $25 USDT welcome deposit bonus. The promotional code is available for new StormGain customer and is valid in your country.

As part of a loyalty program, StormGain provides deposit bonuses for all accounts, with benefits ranging from 5% for Gold members to 20% for VIP 3 members. Users can trade Bonus funds, but they can't withdraw them. They can also earn up to 12 percent interest on deposits, with rates starting at 3 percent for Gold members and up to 12 percent for VIP 3 members. Previously, StormGain had a promo code for a 25 USDT no deposit bonus as well as a Coin Contest. So, you should regularly check the platform for future promotional offers and competitions.

How do I Activate My Bonus?

1. Step1 – Register on StormGain. Enter your email and phone number.
2. Enter the promo code. Input the promo code “BONUS25” when registering and claim your free $25 USDT.
3. Make a first deposit of at least 100 USDT to activate the promotional code.
4. Start trading and claim your free $25 USDT.

StormGain offers their customers a unique trading platform experience. You get to pick from 9 different time-frames and enable your trades with the maximum computing advantage. StormGain, unlike many trading platforms, provides simultaneous access to several charting tools, which helps customers in keeping track of pricing changes. The platform's full-screen mode is particularly useful for viewing all 40 technical indicators, including third-party plugins like Ichimoku Cloud and Stochastics. The StormGain platform's user interface displays all information about the exchange as well as how to store and trade cryptocurrencies. The user interface ensures that traders are engaged and have a smooth experience. The UI is more user-friendly thanks to 24/7 access to technical analysis, push notifications, signals, and charting tools.

Customers can trade over 20 cryptocurrency futures contracts, which include commonly-used pairs such as NEO/USDT and DASH/BTC.

They can also buy and hold cryptocurrencies in an integrated crypto wallet in the following 6 popular currencies:
Bitcoin Cash

Surprisingly, all transactions are carried out in Tether, a highly liquid yet stable cryptocurrency (USDT), which minimizes the exchange rate risks associated with using currencies such as Bitcoin Demo Account.

You can start with a demo account on StormGain with 50,000 USDT in virtual funds, which allows you to practice your trading skills and test the waters before committing to a genuine account. The account can remain active for an indefinite amount of time, and you get to easily switch between demo accounts and real accounts from the dashboard.

Payment Methods

You can buy cryptocurrencies on StormGain with your credit or debit card directly from the platform. The minimum deposit (in fiat or cryptocurrency) is $50, with a deposit commission of 5% at a minimum of $10.

Users are able to withdraw their funds by transferring them to the wallet. The minimum withdrawal amount is 10 USDT (or equivalent in another cryptocurrency). Withdrawals are subject to a 0.1 percent charge. The processing of all transactions might take up to 30 minutes. Crypto Wallet StormGain allows users to trade over 20 cryptocurrency futures and smart contracts, including popular crypto trading pairs like DASH – Bitcoin (BTC) and Neo – Tether (USDT). Users of StormGain benefit from the minimum deposit, too, meaning that they get to buy and keep coins at low prices for a longer period of time, increasing their earnings.


StormGain offers users with quite straightforward, easy to understand training programs. Even for beginners, learning how to trade is simple. The platform provides a wealth of materials to educate users on the most up-to-date and proven ways for making money in the market.


On StormGain, there is more than one type of commission/interes. For example there is an exchange commission for converting a cryptocurrency into another, which is charged at the conversion time. There is also a transaction commission on trades that are made with leverage, which is charged when a trade is opened or cancelled. Finally, the financing rate's interest might be either positive or negative. StormGain offers a profitable multiplier on crypto trading commissions. You can trade with a leverage of up to 200 times your investment. StormGain, when compared to other brokers, offers high leverage and fair commissions for novices. It's also worth noting that such high leverage might result in big losses.


Not only are the commissions attractive, but so are the pricing options. StormGain displays the trading fees transparently on their website. The platform charges commissions for crypto trading and doesn’t support spreads.

Every user pays commissions in the range of 0.19 percent and 0.20 percent on the USDT and BTC trading pairs, respectively. This fee varies depending on the exchange service, ranging from 0.095 percent to 0.25 percent.

There are no fees associated with transferring cryptocurrency to the StormGain platform. When sending cryptocurrency to another platform or a hardware wallet, there is a 0.1 percent withdrawal charge. Maximum and minimum limits apply depending on the crypto asset (check the website). The withdrawal fee is not usual since most exchanges charge only the standard mining fee for the blockchain network.


StormGain offers an 200x multiplier on crypto trading, which is greater than most brokers. Although it may appear appealing, novices should be aware that too much leverage can result in just as many losses as gains. But if you want to trade big with little money, this broker is an excellent choice.

Additional Features

The new Cloud Miner tool, which enables traders to mine their cryptocurrency from their mobile without the need for any additional equipment, is a standout feature of StormGain's platform. Once you've created an account, you can use the tool for free.

Simply use the program and start mining every four hours until you have your first 10 USDT worth of cryptocurrency to trade. You can benefit from other features on StormGain like the news forum section with articles and tips, and video education and starting classes. Click here to Sign Up Now

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